"When we make my annual trek to Florida, we just leave our car in the heated garage and lock the front door."

~ Ken & Barbara

"By moving to a community where the ages range from the late 50s to early 80s, I increased my social circle tremendously."

~ Vicki

"Privacy and tranquility are good, but we also have a ready-made community of people here."

~ Steve & Julie

"As a single person, I’ve embraced the neighborhood camaraderie and feel so connected to community here. Impromptu meetings occur almost daily as we pass neighbors in the hallway or while strolling the 19 acres with some paths."

~ John

"Dear Shirley,

We thank you for making our move from Michigan Shores and selling our share so smoothly. We enjoyed our five and a half years living there and only left because of our daughter buying a place next to her for us to live in. We especially want to thank you and David for the great job you do keeping the place in

~ Tom & Jackie R