For the past 70+ years, baby boomers have been redefining life passages. As teens, parents, and professionals, these men and women pushed boundaries, challenged status quo, and reached for all the stars.

No surprise, that as boomers reach retirement age, they are looking for distinctive lifestyles and living. Some of the major findings include:

  • About six in 10 plans to move out of their current house
  • More than two-thirds who plan to move are willing to update or renovate their next home to fit their specific needs and wants.
  • The most important factor in their next home is low maintenance features.

So, where will boomers, who are now between the ages of 57 and 75, be moving? Since one of the key benefits of living in an independent living community, is its amenities and variety of activities, moving when you are younger and healthier allows you to fully appreciate all the benefits of retirement, for a longer period. Other benefits include opportunities to make new friends with people of all ages abound in communities, preventing isolation and loneliness. We all know that moving and making major life changes can get more difficult with age, so adapting to a new place is likely to be easier when you are younger.

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